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Cynthia A. McKinney

Cynthia A. McKinney

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17, Cynthia A. McKinney earned a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Southern California, a Masters of Art in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and she will complete her Ph.D. at Berkeley, flagship campus of the University of California.

Cynthia's debut into public office came in 1988 when she was elected to the Georgia State Legislature. In 1992, Cynthia made history when she became the first African American woman from Georgia to serve in the United States House of Representatives.


While in Congress, from 1992 - 2002, Cynthia became a voice for the voiceless. Because of her antiwar stance, Cynthia was approached by women civic leaders and asked to run for Congress. In 1992, the Year of the Woman, she did and won.

During her tenure in the U.S. Congress, Cynthia McKinney became a household name in Georgia and in many states across America, as well as in many countries around the globe. Cynthia easily won recognition as an outspoken leader for human rights; an ardent advocate for peace, and a determined worker for justice.

Cynthia also served on the House International Relations Committee where she was the highest-ranking Democrat on the Human Rights Subcommittee. Cynthia took the time to help those in need who had a human rights claim. Cynthia felt that it was important that US policy reflect a deep respect for human rights. So she worked tirelessly on legislation to stop conventional weapons transfers to governments that are undemocratic or fail to respect human rights. Her legislation to end the mining of coltan in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was mentioned in a United Nations special report. Almost single-handedly, she forced the United Nations to convene an independent commission on the Rwanda genocide and the role of the US and the UN in failing to stop Africa's most horrific genocide.

Cynthia used her positions of influence on both the House Armed Services Committee and the House International Relations Committee to apply international human rights standards to US conduct at home and abroad.


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